HolPay is a business model of Help Finance Pty Ltd. We are a newly formed company that is going to grow. It has taken the vision of our founder, a medical professional with an MBA, to see that there is a need for a boutique service to provide finance support of particular market sectors that are not well serviced by other players in the industry.

At Holpay we can:

  1. find you Personal Loans for your travel needs
  2. help you with Refinancing your Home Loan to free cash for your travel needs
  3. We can facilitate a system where you can acquire your travel  now and  pay after you have traveled!  This is essentially a “Payment Plan”. As we are a credit representative of an Australia Credit License we are able to a facilitate this service. Merchants and individual business can not do this unless they have a credit licence! Not all merchants will want to participate in this service but we are continually negotiating with new merchants. You will have to pay an administration fee for the work we do to set this all up and mostly we charge little or no interest but you do have to pay a “deposit” so that the merchants can cove some of there costs of providing the service.

What we do require is that we have to make sure that you, the customer, understand the arrangements you are entering into and that those arrangements are not going to out hardships on you under responsible lending practice.

Simply put we are ethical!

Remember you will still have a debt to the merchant and if you default you will be subject to the same legal implications if you were to default on any debt. You have to think about this before going ahead with this arrangement.

Our Payment plans  are different to an ‘After-pay” arrangement in that we will always act under responsible lending practice, so you are less likely to get into problems.

We will still do the regular home and other types of loans for cars equipment and business things.

We have gathered together experienced providers that can manage complex financial transactions and have a deep understanding of the financial and professional sector. Our experts are uniquely positioned to assist with your financing needs with minimal fuss, securing fast turnarounds and favourable terms.

Anyone with time to work through the complexities of the Australian Finance System can organise their own finance. But why would you when someone else can manage difficult banking relationships and compare products across the market for you and do it more efficiently.

Time is money and our service is worthwhile considering the cost of your time.

We will help navigate you through the competitive and ever-changing lending landscape, providing you with choice, independence and advice. We will make sure you get the right product for your circumstances and will manage the process from start to finish. We utilise sophisticated analytical tools to make sure you are comparing products and find the best offer across the market.

We know you are short on time with a busy work/life schedule. Our experts are here to make your life easier and can work with you to ensure maximum convenience and minimal interruption.